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Lenhart Kosmetik - Flycare Business Set

Lenhart Kosmetik - Flycare Business Set
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Giá: 285,000vnđ
Trạng thái: 10
Model: Flycare
Hãng sản xuất: Lenhart Kosmetik [Germany]

Số lượng: Chọn mua

A variety of products

In addition to the prototyping of flycare-TRAVELSET Lenhart produced numerous other articles around the cosmetics for the woman, the child and the man. Resellers and customers can select from a multitude of different products and arrange their individual set. In addition we offer different arrangement sizes and repack-solutions from a certain volume.

Shower gel PictureShower Gel (75 ml)
Shampoo PictureShampoo (75 ml)
Hand cleansing gel PictureHand cleansing
gel (75 ml)
Body lotion PictureBody lotion (75 ml)
Mouthwash PictureMouth-
wash (75 ml)
Facial cleansing PictureFacial
(75 ml)
Toothpaste PictureToothpaste (25 ml)
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